Abby (Abracadabra)

Nickname(s): Abb’s, BB

Breed: Dakota Sport Retriever

Favorite Toy: “Big Dog”

Favorite Costume: Bandana with a bow on my ear

Best Trick: Holding a treat on my nose

More scoop about me:

I’m half Cocker Spaniel and half Golden Retriever. I was born in May 2014. My absolute favorite thing to do in the whole wide world, besides being a Therapy Dog, is to roll in the dirtiest and muddiest spot (especially at the dog park)! I also love to bark at anyone who comes on my mom’s property (but you will never hear a peep out of me when I’m not at home). I also can’t stand bad singing (especially “Happy Birthday”). I start howling and singing with you if you are terrible! I have 2 AKC titles, CGC and Therapy Dog, and I am well on my way to getting the Advanced Therapy Dog title!

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