Breed: Pomeranian

Favorite Toy: Green Cricket

Favorite Costume: White Pearls

Best Trick: Sit Pretty!

Favorite Visit “Tail”:

When I was five years old, my pom mom allowed me to participate in a children's festival. My mom set up a table with other therapy dog moms including pictures for everyone to see. Our table was busy all day. I got to play with many different children of all kinds. I even got to ride on the big black horse and the little white pony! It was a super nice day. I really felt the love from all.

More scoop about me:

My name is Angel. I am a white Pomeranian. I am a little larger than most poms and a lot more calm. I was born in Wilmington, North Carolina on July 29, 2009. My first pom mom brought me home only to find out that her husband and her husband's dog did not accept me at all. So, my first pom mom with great sadness had to give me up to her friend who agreed to take care of me. I lived with my second pom mom for three years, until her husband demanded that she find a new home for me. He didn't like that I like to bark when I am at home at every little thing, which would cause their other four dogs to also bark. In the meantime, I had bonded with a friend of the family, from Houston, Texas, who came to visit every summer. So, at three years old, my second pom mom allowed for my third and final pom mom to take me to her home in Texas. We have been very happy together ever since, even though I still bark at home at every little thing.

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