Nickname(s): Mr. B

Breed: Schipperke

Best Trick: Spin!

More scoop about me:

Hi! I'm Beau! Don't let this fluffy hair fool you, I'm not a bear. I'm a schipperke! An old Belgian breed, schipperkes were used as ratters on boats. These days, you don't see many of us on boats, but I do like to swim and splash around in water.

I was born in Midland, Texas, and later moved to Dallas to meet my mom. We both made the move to Houston in late 2016. My mom has always been interested in doing therapy work with a dog, and she's delighted to have me as her partner. I mean, who wouldn't be? Just look at my cute little face...

I'm not only a therapy dog, but I'm also a champion show dog! I love belly rubs and pats, so feel free to give me either (or both) next time you see me!

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  • Patti June 12, 2017

    He is gorgeous!!!!

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