General Information

General Information About Becoming a Member

Faithful Paws is a non-profit organization and we are 100% volunteers. We give our time and the joy our pet brings to requesting facilities. All of the therapy animals are our own personal pets that have gone through certification and testing to be allowed to visit these facilities. Faithful Paws visits facilities that have requested us in a manner that follows our purpose: To administer unconditional love and therapy to people of all ages in nursing homes and hospitals. We do also assist in literacy programs for kids as well as stress relief for adults.

Membership requirements:

  • Volunteer at least 1 visit a month at any of our Faithful Paws scheduled visits (We have 100-150 monthly visits. 98% of our visits are during the daytime, both weekday and weekend.)
  • Up-to-date on all vaccinations and an annual vet examination
  • Fees:
    • If new, $22 non-refundable  registration fee (includes membership for that calendar year)
    • If already a member, $22 annual membership dues
Faithful Paws at Methodist

On a monthly basis, we visit hospitals and assisted living as well as elementary schools and libraries (to promote literacy). We do also provide one-time visits for requests that are in line with our purpose.

Important things to note:

  • Therapy animals and service animals are different. Service Animals are animals that are specially trained to help a person with disabilities and are to be focused solely on that one person. Therapy pets are animals that volunteer with their owners to improve the lives of others. Therapy pets are NOT service animals and they do not have the same public access as service animals.
  • Pets are only therapy pets when they are a member in a therapy organization and they are visiting a facility with approval of the therapy organization.
  • We do not allow your pet to go to work with you under the guise as a therapy pet. When you become a member, your pet becomes a therapy pet only when it goes on visits with Faithful Paws. Your pet is only a therapy pet during those authorized visits with us.
  • Please do not apply if you have or tend to have a busy schedule. We need our volunteers to 100% commit to at least one Faithful Paws visit a month.
  • For additional information, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions
Faithful Paws Pet Therapy
Faithful Paws Pet Therapy
Faithful Paws Pet Therapy

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