Borden’s Lady Brittany on the Liffey

Nickname(s): Brittany

Breed: American Cocker Spaniel

Favorite Toy: dental chew - is that a toy?

Favorite Costume: bandanas only for this girl

Best Trick: High-five!

Favorite Visit “Tail”:

I guess my favorite visit was to see some old people who didn't have anything to do, so we made them smile and shared love. When we were leaving, someone said, "That just made my day!" I heard mom and her friend both say (very quietly, at the same time), "And that's why we do this." My other favorite time was when mom lifted me so a lady in the bed who couldn't talk or barely move could see me, and then her husband put her hand on me....and her eyes twinkled and she smiled and I'm sure I heard her say "love."

More scoop about me:

I spent my first year with a family in Ft. Worth. I don't know why they didn't want to keep me, but mom's son and grandchildren bought me for mom and dad for Christmas 2017 because they were crying after losing a dog named Chelsea. They took me to the vet, and she said I hadn't gotten very good care (I was underweight and would stay small because of that and shaved because I probably had lots of matts), so we just figured God wanted me in a home where I would be loved...and I AM LOVED! The vet suggested mom check into using me as a therapy dog because she said I had a good temperament, which I do, but mom and dad had some UNtraining to do first -- they said there were things not allowed in my new home (like bolting and not coming), so I had to go to training with mom, and I'm so smart I got the Canine Good Citizen and then I got to join Faithful Paws and now I get to go share love with lots of people and get puppacinos with Omri (he's really cool). I also have an older sister (she's really grumpy at night) and 4 younger sisters (all cocker spaniels)....the little one is suppose to be a "show" dog, whatever that is....but I'm more interested in sharing love than getting ribbons.

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