Candy Cane

Candy Cane

Name: Candy Cane

Breed: Golden Retriever

Favorite Costume: Tutus. I love Tutus, especially purple ones.

Best Trick: Licking your face

Favorite Visit “Tail”:

Once Mom took me to a nursing home that we visit frequently where Mr. R. was our favorite patient. Mr. R. would follow us in his wheelchair from room to room and whenever they took pictures for their newsletter it was us and Mr. R. We went to see him in November and our sponsor told us that he was in bed and asked that we visit his room. We had never been in his room because he was always racing us in the wheelchair. We went into his room and he was very quiet in bed so I got up in his bed with to let him know we were there. Miss Trudie put her face in his face and together we just sat with him. I guess we knew something serious was going on and even mom didn’t figure it out. The week after we learned Mr. R. had passed. I think we knew.

More scoop about me:

My Name is Candy Cane and I am a Rescue. Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue found me in a backyard breeding mill making lots of puppies – 14 to be exact when my owner put me on Craig’s list. I lived in a cage for almost two years and boy was I happy to get out. My big sister Trudie came from a similar situation and she has taken me under her wing. We are soul mates. She is better at all this therapy stuff than me but I am cuter.

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