Ellie Grace

Nickname(s): Ellie

Breed: poodle mix

Favorite Toy: anything with food in it

Favorite Costume: Santa's Sweetie dress

Best Trick: rolling over

Favorite Visit “Tail”:

My favorite visit was when we had a lady getting ready for heart surgery say, "I'm not afraid anymore, because of you being here and making my day"!!

More scoop about me:

My mom says I am an angel from God. I was dumped in her neighborhood and my pet sitter's husband, Greg, found me and took me to the vet. When he was coming home, my mom and dad happened to be walking my now brother, Rowdy. Greg stopped to see if they knew anything about me. All they could say is, " no, but we want her if no one claims her". It was love at first sight for all of us!!!

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