Frequently Asked Questions

Do you visit individual homes?
Do you visit facilities that already receive pet visits?
How long does it usually take to get approved?
Once we are approved and certified, what is the ongoing fee/process each year?
Do you participate in any kind of service hours?
Do you allow your members to visit with their pet where they are employed, even if the group goes there?
Do you participate in fairs, fundraising events, or outdoor activities?
Do you accept members who do not have transportation or email?
Do you accept donated pets or find homes for pets?
Do you accept current service or emotional support animals?
Do you train service animals or emotional support animals or pets for use by any individual?
What is the difference between a Pet Therapy Animal and a Service Animal?

Confused? Print this 2-page description of the 3 types of pet certifications that is posted on the DADS (Department of Aging and Disability Services) state website.

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Life Flight and Faithful Paws Pet Therapy
Dr. Duke and Faithful Paws Pet Therapy