Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Favorite Toy: Lambshop (the old, decrepit one, not any of the newer ones!)

Favorite Costume: I love my holiday collars

Best Trick: Walking on a leash investigating outdoors

Favorite Visit “Tail”:

Gizmo is a hit wherever he goes because people are surprised to see a cat on our visits to Methodist Hospital Medical Center. He loves being scratched under his chin or on the side of his face. He loves riding in his stroller (in his vest with a leash attached and tethered to the stroller) alongside his best buddy, Jax. Frequently he will bat at Jax's big fluffy tail with his paw which makes patients and staff alike laugh with delight.

More scoop about me:

Gizmo was turned into BARC after being found all alone in a ditch at two weeks old. It wasn't long before he showed his unique personality and he was certified as a therapy pet when he was 9 months old. He makes some visits alone, but he especially loves visiting with his canine brother Jax.

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