Nickname(s): Jacks, Bug, Doodle

Breed: Great Pyrenees/Australian Shepherd

Favorite Toy: Squeaker Ball (It's not my mom's favorite though and she sometimes hides it from me!)

Favorite Costume: My batman bandana

Best Trick: Getting different toys on command from my toy basket (Ball, Baby, and Chew)

Favorite Visit “Tail”:

Well I am pretty new to this world of being a therapy dog, but so far I really enjoy loving on kids and senior citizens!

More scoop about me:

I am 4 years old and my mom has had me since I was 7 weeks old. I love long walks, pets, belly rubs, cookies, getting carrots out of the fridge all by myself, taking road trips with my mom, and of course I love giving kisses on command too. My mom is always telling me to use my inside voice but I get so excited when I see a squirrel or kitty in my yard! In additional to being a therapy dog, I enjoy having play dates with my dog friends!