Breed: Mixed breed

Favorite Toy: Woody woodpecker

Favorite Costume: Whatever my friend Chewla is wearing to Methodist Hospital

Best Trick: Problem solving box with four different openings

Favorite Visit “Tail”:

I loved playing with a three year old girl in the hallway at Kids Developmental Clinic. She was nonverbal and her therapist was using an electronic augmented communication device with her. She gave me commands from the device, like sit and down and I understood and followed them even though the voice was a little strange to me. Her therapist knew that my mom had both a soft brush and a ball in my pack and she asked the little girl whether she wanted to brush me or throw the ball for me. When the little girl touched the ball icon, my mom gave her the ball. The therapist helped her throw it down the hallway and away I went to fetch it and bring it to her. That was fun and then she got to brush me too. We stayed together playing in the hallway for about 20 minutes.

More scoop about me:

My first owner wasn't so nice. I was turned over to Montgomery County Animal Control when I was two years old. I was malnourished and severely neglected. Houston Sheltie Sanctuary rescued me in November 2014. My first foster Mom, Connie Goedecke, nursed me back to physical health. I had so many tick bites that I was anemic and couldn't even be neutered for six months. Whenever I get to see Connie now at the HSS annual picnic, I give her the biggest hugs and kisses I know how. When I was well, then I got to go to Camp Willard! My second foster Mom, Vickey Willard, taught me manners and how to get along with other dogs and cats. I loved her husband and he let me take a nap with him every day. Vickey brought me with her to the 2015 AKC dog show for my socialization, not to try and adopt me. My mange was gone and my fur was growing out. Lots of people stopped by the Houston Collie Rescue booth where my foster Mom was working. One lady though, she kept coming back over and over again. She fell in love with me at first sight and she didn't even know about my history. She just thought I was adorable. (I kinda am.) We've been together ever since. She thought she was rescuing me.....but you know how that works. Mom says I'm the poster child for RESILIENCE. I love to learn new tricks and know about a dozen or more now and we both think the best parts of any week are when we are doing pet therapy.

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  • Marty Webb June 11, 2017

    Woof! You are welcome!

  • Denise Bryant June 16, 2017

    Love your story and amazing, Jax

  • Sue Gough June 24, 2017

    Wow! Jax what a story you told us and everything you have been through your little life!

    So glad ? you found happiness and ❤️ love in your life! I am happy ? for you.

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