Breed: Australian Shepherd

Favorite Toy: Anything stuffed that squeaks

Favorite Visit “Tail”:

At a visit last week at Methodist West in Katy, a terminally ill patient was waiting to be discharged to go home with her sister. Jazz visited on the bed and comforted her for 20 minutes or so. Although the patient didn’t seem to be awake, Jazz kept nudging her to pet him. When it was time to leave, he talked backed to me in protest, not wanting to go. He jumped off the bed and immediately hopped into the bedside patient chair and laid down to watch over her. She passed away a few days later at home. Jazz was mentioned in a eulogy for her, we were told. The eulogy went on to mention how much our visit meant to the family at that critical time. Watching him at that visit with that patient, brought tears to my eyes. Special four legged friends we partner with at Faithful Paws.

More scoop about me:

I am a Rescue pure-bred Australian Shepherd. Getting loved on and petted are my favorite activity in life.

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