JoJo & Ella

Breed: Mix & Mini Schnauzer

Favorite Toy: Anything that Squeaks & Ditto!

Favorite Costume: Just a Bandana & Anything like a Princess!

Best Trick: High Five & Lap Hog

More scoop about me:

JoJo, you may have noticed, has only three paws. We are often asked what happened to her other one. Since we honestly don't know, we enjoy making up a new story every time! Sometimes we've buried it in the backyard and now we can't find it. Other times we lost an arm wrestling match with an alligator. And sometimes we tell them we're related to the Flash and with that fourth leg, you couldn't see us when we ran!

Ella doesn't mind sharing the spotlight with JoJo. She's got her own crowd pleasers to share. Best perhaps is her the on-demand kisses that just tickle little, eager hands. Her beard is another great feature. Kids are delighted to learn that she's a bearded lady and very proud of it! And what's not to love about a little ball of fluff and cuddles on your lap when you read?! Yes, Ella certainly doesn't play second fiddle for long!

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