Breed: German Shepherd/Chow mix

Favorite Toy: Any/all stuffed animals

Favorite Costume: Christmas tree

Best Trick: High-5s

Favorite Visit “Tail”:

Once while "reading" to a 6-year-old autistic boy, I climbed up on his lap.
Another time I set a wheel-chair bound special needs boy brush me for over 30 minutes.

More scoop about me:

My favorite thing to do is to visit a school or library and have young students read to me, sometimes I get to take naps.
At home I have a German Shepherd "big sister" who loves to wrestle with me. I have to share all my toys with her. She loves to play a lot, but I can out run her if I need to! I also have two cats at home that I ignore most of the time, but when they run, I know that means they want to play chase!

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