Nickname(s): Special K, Kirbs, Kirb Monster

Breed: Golden Retriever

Favorite Toy: Tennis balls are always a favorite, or any stuffed animal I can get my paws on.

Favorite Costume: A holiday bandanna

Best Trick: Shake. Also, I like sneaking on to the couch for a quick pup nap.

Favorite Visit “Tail”:

Getting belly rubs and pets from the new friends I meet.

More scoop about me:

I'm a special golden, with lots of love to share. My favorite hobbies include swimming, and playing fetch with my sister Carter (also a Golden Retriever.)
I really enjoy spending time in the backyard watching squirrels, and that also gives me some time to work on my sun highlights (ha!)

Weekends are my favorite, when the house is full and I can hang at home with my family or join them for an adventure either at brunch, happy hour or something else exciting.

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