Lantana’s Sweet Talkin Man

Nickname(s): Carter

Breed: Tibetan Spaniel

Favorite Toy: Sexy Fox

Best Trick: Giving the Stink Eye

Favorite Visit “Tail”:

visiting A&M animal hospital with my big brother when he had cancer. I would go back with him to keep him company and entertain the vet teks. I would collect lots of pets and treats from the vet teks then go on to visit the doctors who wanted equal time with me. Everyone made sure I was comfortable being petted and held by anyone. I got lots of fun things and hung out with my brother while he had his chemo

More scoop about me:

Not only do I have my CGC, I am also a show dog and have gotten my Championship. I also show with my mom's granddaughter, I guess my niece in junior showmanship. I enjoy going to see the JUDGE!!!
I have a twin sister named Bubbles who I share everything with except for my Dora Explorer Couch

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