Nickname(s): Mo-mo, Mose

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Best Trick: "Speak!"

How long I’ve been a therapy animal: Since February 2018

More scoop about me:

I will be 10 years old in November! Everyone likes to remind me that I've outlived my life expectancy - I think it's because I just have more love to give and I ain't finished yet 🙂

I love scratches and pets of all kinds - especially on my chest, tummy, and backside. I weight 110 lbs but you can regularly find me sitting on my mom's lap as best as I can. She's had me since I was 8 weeks old! I love meeting other people and other dogs, but I have an early bedtime. I head off to bed around 8, with or without my mom.

I can speak and give high fives - both hands! I'm also pretty good at eating treats if I do say so myself. Hope to meet you some day soon!

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