Penny Potter

Breed: Goldendoodle

Favorite Toy: Flirt Pole

Favorite Costume: Bumble "Queen" Bee

Best Trick: Spin

Favorite Visit “Tail”:

There are so many special moments to choose from, but my favorite Tail is from Vosswood Nursing Center. A woman was staying there for six months after already being in the hospital for many months and was losing hope in the rehabilitation process. She lived on a ranch and missed dearly her horses and dogs. When we walked into her room, she immediately broke down and started crying. She asked if she could hug me and once we connected, I did my best to lick all of the tears as they streamed down her face. My mom and I listened to her challenges and offered positive hope, along with lots of puppy kisses. Of course, she gave me lots of scratches too. When we left, we felt as if the hope had returned and she was extra motivated to work hard in order to reunite with her animal family.

More scoop about me:

I love to retrieve everything-balls, frisbees, toys, socks, and treats. Besides retrieving, my favorite hobbies include swimming, long walks, going to work with my Mom and cuddling with her when she reads books. It is good practice for when we go places and kids read to me. I wish I could visit nursing homes and schools everyday, as it is the most fun a dog can have.

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