Breed: Chihuahua

Favorite Toy: Elephant

Favorite Costume: Any t-shirt

Best Trick: Going in circles

Favorite Visit “Tail”:

At Houston Methodist Hospital cardiac ICU waiting area in one corner of the room there was a lady crying and a younger couple trying to comfort her, to no avail, for like 10 minutes. So I decided to take Pepi over there and in no time flat the tears were gone and she was smiling while petting him. The younger couple could hardly believe their eyes.

More scoop about me:

My parents feel that I am the best doggie ever!! I am soooo good!! Every night before I go to bed my mommy washes my eyes and brushes my teeth and says: "nite, nite" and I go straight to bed. Then mommy zips up my bed and I don't make a sound till she gets up the next day, never mind what time ( and she is not a morning person).
I also lay down and stay until mommy says OK and then I fly to my food dish and "inhale" my food.
When at work I never bark but at home I have a special job: I protect the whole neighborhood from both day and night prowlers, like cats and opossums.
I love my job!! As soon as mommy puts my Therapy Dog vest on I run to the car because I know I'll get a lot of scratching (my favorite) and petting and people telling me how cute I am and on top of that I get to see all my doggie friends and that is soooo much fun!!

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