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TRAINING CLASSES:  For those applicants who do not already have their CGC (if you have your CGC skip this part and scroll down), we are pleased to announce that training classes have resumed.  If you have applied, your application is on file and we will be contacting you via e-mail in order of application submitted.  Additional training details will be provided in the e-mail.  If it has been more than 6 months since you applied, you will be asked to have your veterinarian complete another Initial Health Form (do not do this until you are contacted).  Classes will be limited to 6 teams and will be a 4-week session.  There will be a cost of $80 payable by check or cash to the trainer (no credit cards).  No-shows will not be refunded for missed classes.  Make up classes for previously excused absences will be coordinated directly with the trainer.  If you need additional training beyond the 4-week class, the trainer will discuss options with you and provide additional training at an agreed time and cost.  It is important to have the time to dedicate home practice and training to achieving your CGC during the 4-week class period.  There will be an additional fee for the CGC test paid directly to the CGC Evaluator.  The AKC charges additional fees when you submit the successful CGC Evaluation Form for title and registration with the American Kennel Association (AKC)*.  The cost will be listed on the evaluation form and can be found on the AKC website.  *fees subject to change

While you are waiting for a class, you can look at the AKC Good Citizen (CGC) and work on some of the skills  required for the test.

If you feel that you need 1 or 2 lessons (there will be a charge for private lessons), please email Phyllis Reidy who is a CGC Evaluator and trainer, at [email protected]. There is a $30 fee for the CGC Test and a separate fee paid directly to the AKC when you submit your paperwork for the CGC Title.  If you obtain your CGC Title with Phyllis, the next step will be to submit your Faithful Paws application and let us know you tested with Phyllis.  This will bypass the temperament testing process.   Phyllis also does in-home boarding..

IF YOU  ALREADY HAVE YOUR CGC:  Please complete and submit  your application with  a copy  of your certificate with your application.  Once  your application has been reviewed and approved, we will e-mail you with instructions on how to make arrangements for a one-time meeting to evaluate temperament and handling.  You  will not need to attend the Faithful Paws training classes.  No testing will  be conducted until an application has been approved.

We look forward to welcoming to the Faithful Paws Team!

To apply, please carefully read the information below and then complete the application.

Faithful Paws reserves the right to deny membership approval if they feel that any member of the applying team (human or animal) is unable or unwilling to conduct pet therapy visits according to Faithful Paws policies in a manner which assures a credible image and a safety for all those involved.

If you have previously submitted an application and paid the fee or have any questions, please e-mail us at [email protected] to check your application status.


Existing Members who wish to add a second pet or handler, please log into your account and click the tab that says “add an existing pet/handler” at the bottom of the membership page.  You must supply the requested information for your pet (Photo and Initial Health Form) and attend training classes or temperament evaluation if you already have  your CGC.  For a second handler you must supply a copy of the TDL, contact information and Photo.  The second handler must be evaluated for competency in handling the existing pet before being approved for membership.  Once you have submitted your documents via the form in the membership section of our website, you will be contacted to conduct the required  training or evaluation.  Your pet is not approved until you have completed the form and training/evaluation.  If you have questions or are having trouble accessing your account please contact [email protected].


The Faithful Paws application process involves FOUR steps:

  1. Have all your documents ready to upload (1 photo of you, 1 photo of  your pet, Rabies Certificate (signed by Veterinarian), Initial Health Form, Copy to TDL, CGC Certificate if you already have your CGC), documents for Second Handler if applicable (TDL, photo, contact information).  Please minors under the age of 18 can attend training classes and be accepted as second handlers.  However, they must be accompanied and supervised by their parent or guardian on all visits until they are over 18 years.  Some facilities require that members under the age of 21 are accompanied by a parent or guardian.  See notes below for more specific instructions on the documents.  You will need to have Veterinarian complete the Initial Health Record and return to you (you can download the document below).  NOTE:  Once you have submitted your application it cannot be amended by the applicant.  If  you need to make changes, please contact [email protected].  Not having all documents  or incorrect  documents will slow down  the application process.
  2. First, complete Application Part 1 below to start the application process.  We accept only one pet at a time on the initial application.  If you wish to have a second handler, this person’s documents and information has to be provided in Application Part  2.  The second handler must attend all training classes and/or evaluations before being approved.
  3. After completing the form below, you will be redirected to pay the application fee.
  4. When you have all of your documents ready, proceed to Application Part 2 where you will upload your pet’s Initial Health Record, Rabies certificate, photos of you and your pet, and a copy of your driver’s license. Finishing this form will complete your application.  If you have not completed Application Part 2 (where you upload your documents, then you have not completed your application and it will not be considered for membership).
New Members ONLY: Before completing the application below, you will need the following items:
  1. Initial Health Record for your pet(s). Please download the Initial Health Record form for each of your pets participating in Faithful Paws: DogCatRabbit. Complete the form and have your Vet sign the form. Then, please scan or take a photo of the form(s). You will be asked to upload the image(s) on Application Part 2.
  2. A copy of your pet’s SIGNED Rabies Vaccination Certificate. This is a single page that is usually titled “Rabies Certificate” or “Certificate of Vaccination” and must be signed by your Veterinarian.  This IS NOT a summary of vaccinations.  Please scan or take a photo of the certificate. You will be asked to upload it on Application Part 2.
  3. Copy of your driver’s license (to be uploaded on last part of the application).  Please check it has not expired.
  4. One picture of yourself and one picture of your pet.  Two separate pictures.  HIGH RESOLUTION (for the tech-savvy people at least 600 dpi if possible), plain background photos – like a passport photo.  These will be used for badges.
  5. Submission of this form for HIPAA Confidentiality. Please complete the form now (it opens in a different tab, so you’ll be able to easily come back to this page): HIPAA Confidentiality Form
  6. Application fee (per family, not per pet). You will be directed to PayPal after clicking “Continue to the Next Step.”

At the bottom of the Application Part 1, you will be asked to enter your email address a second time (which will be used as your username for the Member’s Only area of the site) and a temporary password. You will receive a link to reset your password once your membership is approved. Once your application and required documents have been received, we will add you to our waiting list. As soon as there is room in a training class, we will notify those on the waiting list that they can start attending.