Faithful Paws Member

Before completing the application below, you will need the following items:
  1. Initial Health Record for your pet(s). Please download the Initial Health Record form for each of your pets participating in Faithful Paws: DogCatRabbit. Complete the form and have your Vet sign the form. Then, please scan or take a photo of the form(s). You will be asked to upload the image(s) on part two of the application.
  2. A copy of your pet’s Rabies Vaccination Certificate. Please scan or take a photo of the certificate. You will be asked to upload it on part two of the application.
  3. Submission of this form for HIPAA Confidentiality. Please complete the form now (it opens in a different tab, so you’ll be able to easily come back to this page): HIPAA Confidentiality Form
  4. Copy of your driver’s license (to be uploaded on part two of the application).
  5. Fee: $22 for annual membership per household (you will be directed to PayPal after clicking “Continue to the Next Step”).

At the bottom of the application, you will be asked to enter your email address a second time (which will be used as your username for the Member’s Only area of the site) and a temporary password. You will receive a link to reset your password once your membership is approved. Once your application and required documents have been received, we will add you to our waiting list. As soon as there is room in a training class, we will notify those on the waiting list that they can start attending

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