Rockerin Piper Maurren

Nickname(s): Piper

Breed: Golden Retiever

Favorite Toy: Mallard duck

Favorite Costume: None

Best Trick: "Leave it" on her nose and catching it in the air when prompted

Favorite Visit “Tail”:

While visiting Bethesa Lutheran Home, I went for a walk with a woman named Iris who is mentally challenged and in her 70s. Iris is completely ambulatory and is always "full of joy", most often about the love of Jesus! This particular day, Iris was full of joy because the we, the dogs, were there! After walking around the room, Iris bent down and hugged me very tightly, saying over and over, "I love this dog, I love this dog! She brings me joy!" She was hugging me so tightly that she began to lose her balance and fall over, but my mom caught her. I didn't move or even flinch. Once she caught her balance, Iris bent over, hugged me again and began kissing me over and over! Even though she was kind of choking me, she made me happy!

More scoop about me:

I love to swim in our pool, wrestle with my buddy, Patrick, who is also a golden retriever, play fetch (especially in the water) and go for long walks! My mom and dad live with me, and sometimes, my brother, Jose, and my sisters, Brennan and Becca, come home and play with me. I have 3 English Pointer buddies that also live with us. They all go hunting, along with Patrick, with my Dad. I also love to chase rabbits and squirrels! My mom also thinks it's funny that I drool when I watch someone eat!

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