Breed: Golden Retriever

Favorite Visit “Tail”:

I love when someone comes charging down the hospital hall way to catch us! They get so excited when I tell them it's okay to pet and hug on him. Several patients and staff will seek out a hug after they've had a tough day. Some will express how much they need a hug and others will evaporate into tears. I also love visiting employee departments on request. It's super fun when they announce the visit to all staff and everyone comes running into the room to see us.

More scoop about me:

Sonny was rescued from a Harris County Shelter in January 2016 by Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue around age 12-18 months. I immediately knew that Sonny was a special dog with an incredibly calming temperment and would be a wonderful therapy dog. I googled "pet therapy" in my area and found Faithful Paws. We've been with working with patients and staff at Houston Methodist Hospital for more than 6 years. He may not have many tricks, but he has perfect manners and an overwhelming calming presence. Sonny's favorite time of day is #1 when everyone is home together and #2 when I pull out his blue vest to go to work!

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