Being a Faithful Paws Member means that you will have the opportunity to enrich the lives of others through animal-assisted therapy. Scientific research suggests that pet therapy has significant benefits including decreases in stress, blood pressure, heart rate, pain, fatigue, anxiety, loneliness, and depression, and increases in positive outlook, energy level, self-esteem, and satisfaction.

Our American Kennel Club certified teams provide ongoing, as well as one-time visits to schools, libraries, hospitals, senior-tiered living communities, rehabilitation facilities, hospice centers, colleges, universities and other organizations that request our services.

PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE APPLYING and then proceed to the membership application below. 

  1. Have all required documents ready to upload (see #1 under “application information” below).  It is not possible to save a partially completed application.  It must be saved at one time.
  2. The Health Form is required and will take time to be completed and signed by your veterinarian.  Be sure to have this completed before you start your application.  The form can be found below under #1 and downloaded.
  3. Create a username and password.
  4. On the application,  insert the pet’s name (not your name) where it says “first name”.   Each pet has their own profile in their name, not the handler’s first name. 
  5. Where the application asks for “last name”,  insert your last name.  (Don’t worry, the human’s information will be entered later under “handler information”.)  
  6. Answer all questions.  For example, accepting text messages allows us to be able to communicate quickly, in additional to email.
  7. Use a personal email address, rather than a  work email address.
  8. Complete the Contacts page, including your pet’s photo and their birthdate.


  1. Submit an application by loading all required documents, completing all the fields. Application process is not complete until you have paid the non-refundable and non-transferrable application and training class fees. When you click the button below to fill out the application, please be sure you have the following documents ready to upload.  You should receive an email confirming your application has been successfully submitted.   
    • Completed Health Record signed by your veterinarian:  You may either: (1) print the form and take it to your vet to for them to complete and sign or (2) email the form for the veterinarian to complete and sign it.   Here are the links: Dog, Cat, Rabbit
    • Rabies Vaccination Certificate: This is a single page,  usually titled “Rabies Certificate” or “Certificate of Vaccination”.  It  must be signed by the administering veterinarian. This IS NOT a summary of vaccinations.
    • A photo of your Texas Drivers License
    • A good quality passport-type photo of your pet for his/her badge
    • If the dog already has a CGC title, please upload for verification
  2. Previous Faithful Paws members or those whose membership has lapsed, who desire to return with the same therapy pet, should contact our Executive Director at [email protected]
  3. Current members with a new pet need to attend all sessions of a training class.  While the member has both training and  experience, the pet is brand new to pet therapy and requires full training.  To apply for training for the new pet, follow the instructions on this page.  Be sure to create a new profile in the new pet’s name.  Do not overwrite an existing or previous pet’s profile.
  4. We recommend dogs under one year of age attend a puppy training/obedience class before starting our training.  Many places such as Petco, PetSmart offer classes.  Our partner training facility is Wholistic Woofers & Co.  The age of your dog starting Faithful Paws training is dependent on the dog’s maturity and breed.  Some breeds, including many large and giant breeds, may need more time to mature. If you have questions about the age and readiness of your dog to start training, please contact us before submitting your application.
  5. Dogs and their handlers attend all five (5) weekly training sessions.  Cats and rabbits, with the handlers, attend two (2) weekly training sessions.  Second handlers must attend all sessions.  Click here for information on our upcoming training class.   Applicants will receive  information via email, including homework assignments.   
  6. Only one pet per handler is allowed per training class.
  7. For handlers, our class not only focuses on handling skills, but also the following attributes required for membership in our organization: 
    • Follows directions to complete online application with a minimum of administrator assistance, asking a family member or friend to help if necessary.
    • Comes to all sessions on time (or early).
    • Shows up with a positive, cheerful attitude as demonstrated by words, actions, and body language.
    • Asks questions of trainers and administrators in a respectful manner.
    • Accepts correction as a necessary part of learning. 
    • Pays close attention during class.
    • Works at learning and practices diligently with the pet between all sessions, preferably two or three 15-minute sessions daily.
    • Completes all four parts of the homework assigned for the Visit 101 session on time and without prompting.
  8. Dogs are required to obtain their American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title.  
  9. Our class focuses not only on preparation for the CGC, but just as importantly all the behaviors necessary to be successful and safe in pet therapy work.  Applicants whose dog already holds the CGC title are required to attend all five sessions of a training class to learn and practice additional skills required for pet therapy work.  Applicants should expect daily homework which is checked by the trainer at the beginning of each session.
  10. We recommend visiting the AKC Canine Good Citizen website before starting class to understand the requirements for the CGC test.  Please note that no treats are allowed during testing, but they are allowed and encouraged during training.  The website also has other helpful information, including training resources. 
  11. If a dog is not ready to test for the CGC by the end of our training class, the dog and handler will have the option to participate in additional training classes and to take CGC test at another time.   Our training team will suggest options and the cost for additional sessions.  
  12. Dogs who are medically unable to pass the CGC will still attend all training sessions. They will be given a temperament test, and if passed, admitted to membership in Faithful Paws.
  13. Cats and Rabbits are tested with a temperament test. There is a separate protocol for cats and rabbits. This information will be given to you when you complete your application.
  14. Applicants must have a completed and approved application on file before they will be invited to attend our training class. If an application is more than 3 months old, the applicant mayl be required to re-apply and will need to update any vaccination or other documents that have expired.  No refunds are given on incomplete applications or last minute cancellations unless approved by the Executive Director because of an extenuating circumstance.  When an applicant is a no-show for class, this takes away a place for another potential therapy dog. Thank you for ensuring that your schedule is clear before committing to attend our training program.
  15. Application and Training Fees for Dogs:

    • Non-refundable application fee: $40
    • Training class non-refundable deposit (dog, cat or rabbit): $35
    • Fee for each additional Handler: $25
    • Training class fee (dog) non-refundable or transferrable:  $100 payable in full on or before the first night of class.
    • CGC test evaluation fee for dogs, paid directly to evaluator $30.
    • For dogs:  American Kennel Club (AKC) membership (if not already a member).  CGC title application fee is paid directly to the AKC within one year of obtaining certificate.  See CGC website for current fees.
  16. Application and Training Fees for Cats and Rabbits:
    • Non-refundable application fee: $40
    • Fee for each additional Handler: $25
    • Training class non-refundable deposit (dog, cat or rabbit): $35
    • Cat/Rabbit training fee: $25  (2 sessions) 
    • Cat/Rabbit temperament testing fee $20
  17. 2024 Annual Member Renewal Fees:

    • Renewal fee (January 15-February 15):  $40
    • Renewal late fee (February 16-March 1): $65
  18. Additional Costs to Anticipate Once You Become an Approved Member
    • Shirts: A variety of shirts are offered from our private Land’s End Business link. The cost is approximately $30-60 depending on the product(s) you order, and the link will be provided through our member portal.
    • Dog Vest: We highly recommend a custom logo pet vest which must be ordered through our vendor.  The price is dependent on the size and customization selected. The cost is approximately $20 – $50.  Vendor contact will be provided.
    • All costs for travel, treats, costumes, pet apparel, grooming, and pet information cards are covered by the member.



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