Smiling Bags

Nickname(s): Mr. Bags

Breed: Corgi-Dachshund (Dorgi)

Favorite Costume: Jeff Bagwell Astros jersey

Best Trick: Even though Mr. Bags is partially paralyzed in his hind limbs, he is race-car fast in his wheelchair!

More scoop about me:

I'm a TV star! My first foster mom and I were featured on an episode of 'Animal ER' on the Nat Geo Wild channel to document my spinal surgery following a miraculous rescue by Adore Houston, my guardian angels. I was found broken and alone in a ditch by a neighborhood dog and his human while they were out on a walk after being struck by a car the night before. Even though I was severely injured and the chances of my survival uncertain, the Adore rescuers believed in me and brought me to the wonderful team at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists to operate on and rehabilitate my tiny body so I could walk again. And then my life changed in ways I never could have imagined!

My surgery was a high-stakes one as a spinal vertebra had fractured, causing paralysis in my hind limbs. Now I have 11 permanent pins stabilizing my back! After months of recovery, including physical therapy using an underwater treadmill to regain my strength, I'm able to walk again. My gait will never be completely normal, and to help me out with long distances, I now have my very own wheelchair. You should see me ZOOM! I can even back up and turn sharp corners.

I thought it couldn't get any better than a new set of wheels, but after a year-long wait for my furever home, I finally received the best gift of all at the start of 2018: a family to call my own, and a big one, too! There are 20 paws of us. My days are easy now and my mom, Nancy, sings and dances with me every morning. We've begun our journey as a therapy dog and human duo so I can share my story with the world and bring comfort to people everywhere. I can't wait to meet you on my next visit. As my mom always says, and it's a good motto to live by, keep shining!

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  • Jeannie Coday March 13, 2018

    I believe that I saw this episode of Bagwell’s recovery and rehab on tv!
    He is a remarkable little survivor and it is such an honor to have him in our FP Houston group!

  • Nancy Dunnahoe March 26, 2018

    Thanks for all the love and support, Faithful Paws family!

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