Borden’s Lady Plurabelle of the Liffey

Nickname(s): Belle

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Favorite Toy: chews

Favorite Costume: bandana is my limit

More scoop about me:

I'm number 4 of 6 dogs in the home, so I'm not quite a middle child but almost. I'm a sable, and my mom and dad didn't know about sables when they bought me, so they thought they were getting a black dog, but that changed, and now I'm basically red, but considered a black sable because my nose is black. Everyone thinks that's funny. I'm probably the sweetest of the bunch (after being a major "biter" when I was little bitty), and they call me the "little nurse" because I'm the smallest and I like to take care of the other dogs. I know I'm going to love pet therapy because I'm so cool.

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