Breed: Puggie Mix

Best Trick: Delivering mail to my Papa & Nana

Favorite Visit “Tail”:

My mom is a teacher so I love visiting her students every month. They know I have little treats hidden in my vest and like for me to do tricks to earn them! Sometimes it is as easy as a snuggle and a kiss. SCORE! Visiting a school is so much fun - those littles have more energy than I do!

More scoop about me:

I was mommy's first foster pup and she just fell in love and adopted me! I'm now 4 years old and love all my humans.
Have you heard of the Three Musketeers? Well, I'm named after the funny one who likes to eat. Turns out mom thinks I'm hilarious and I never turn down a hearty scoop of peanut butter or a puppy latte!
My favorite activities include walking at the Houston Arboretum, watching television while snuggling with mom, and playing chase with my favorite ball. Mom thinks it's cute to dress me up, but honestly it isn't my cup of tea! So, you will usually see me sporting my attractive blue "Faithful Paws" vest...it's monogramed with my name, so I promise you won't miss me!

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