J&S Borden’s Lady Abigail Prancin’ by the Liffey

Nickname(s): Abby

Breed: American Cocker Spaniel

Favorite Toy: chews

Favorite Costume: Dad allows only bandanas

Favorite Visit “Tail”:

I've been on only one visit, but so far it was great: Omri and puppacinos and quiet, nice people.

More scoop about me:

I'm a silver American cocker spaniel from Oklahoma. Mom drove up to get me and says I was the easiest of the bunch (pack) because when she brought me home, I ran into the den, scoped out the other dogs, found the toy box and picked out a toy I liked, and then went outside on my own to "do my business." I like to entertain myself and I used to like to sleep in the table by Mom's chair, but now I mostly get in her lap, which I usually have to share. I'm their "sweetheart" -- that's what Mom and Dad call me, but I've heard them say that to my sisters, so I think they really like all of us. I get along really well with everyone except my little sister, who thinks she's "it" because she’s a show dog and sometimes I have to correct that misconception, but I'm very gentle when I do. She's kind of stubborn, but I like her most of the time.

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