Nickname(s): Missy Moo, MooMoo, Mama Bear, Stinky Butt, Missy No!

Breed: American Lab

Favorite Toy: Not a toy lover

Favorite Costume: Chick Fil A cow

Best Trick: Missy waves hello and goes night night.

Favorite Visit “Tail”:

I work in senior living, so Missy has had a lot of exposure to seniors. The best was when a man came to pet her and he smiled while petting her. He rarely smiled. I to this day have a picture of the two of them. He has since passed away. Which makes the picture even more so meaningful to me.

More scoop about me:

I was rescued by mom when I was 2. I was returned twice to the Humaine Society by families that couldn't understand me. I didn't know what they wanted and my anxiety got the best of me. But my mom saw something in me. We met by accident while she was working and I didn't think I would ever see her again, but the next day was my lucky day... it was St. Patties Day. I went home. I haven't been easy to tell you the truth, but my mom worked with me, loved on me and eventually (8 months later) I started to trust her and listen to her. Now we are inseparable. She trained me all on her own because I wouldn't listen to anyone else. We spend every night learning different commands and signals. She kept saying that she had something big planned for me. And oh boy did she. I am not a certified therapy dog. I like visiting others but I only do it to spend time with mom. It's our little bonding time. I visit different places and mostly seniors because mom works with seniors. And you know what they say, like mother like daughter. Woof!

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